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History of the Royal Netherlands Airforce

Emblem of the Royal Netherlands Airforce

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter 1962-1984

Northrop NF-5 Freedom Fighter 1969-1991

In 1913 the Dutch Army was expanded with an Aviation Department. The main base was Soesterberg and the main task was reconnaissance. In 1938 the Aviation Department was conversed to the Weapon of Military Aviation and the defensive task was added. In 1944 the name was changed to Dutch Air Fighting Forces.

In 1953 the Airforce is formed, an independent military force, to which Queen Juliana adjudges the title 'Royal'.

Current organisation:

The number of employees in Januari 2000 is approximately 13,200 (11,500 military and 1,700 civil)

Like the other three divisions of the armed forces (Army, Navy and Marechaussee), the Air Force is now directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence. The Minister is therefore (during peace-time) the commander in chief of all armed forces.

Two photos of the Gloster MK-1 Meteor 1949-1956

Hawker Hunter 1955-1968

North American F-86K Cheesehunter 1955-1964

History | Air Bases | Squadrons

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